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20 years in the industry

Due to superior technical engineering qualifications, we have always been concerned with giving our customers products made by us. Starting with food products, then continuing with advertising products, today we have reached to produce cardboard packaging: paper cups, bowls and lids.

Spot Cups SRL

Since 2012 we have been concerned with the challenge of making cardboard cups. We have started from the bottom, with only one machine and lots of losing experiences. These disappointments didn’t make us stop: we have continued bravely to reach our goals. Thus we ended up producing 5 paper cup sizes and one size of bowl made of polyethylene, kraft and BIO cardboard.

Our Contact Team

Mirela Mazurec

Mirela Mazurec



Mobile: +40 744 575 751

Voicu Mazurec

Voicu Mazurec

Technical Specialist Engineer


Mobile: +40 744 547 597

Cora Mazurec

Cora Mazurec

Marketing Manager


Mobile: +40 741 306 826