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Thousands of years have passed since the Man started to use his hands to soothe his thirst.

But because the Man is inventive, Cups have been created. With time passing by, he realised that he has to take care of nature, so the PAPER CUP has appeared.

In all this rush we, SPOT CUPS Cluj-Napoca, have put in our mind and managed to realize these ecological cups, PAPER CUPS.

And, because we love beauty, we have thought to give the chance, for those who want, to spread over their own message. In this way, we design, create, pack and send the papercups to you. And after they do their job, you will recycle them so that they will return as book pages.

A book that will tell you a beautiful storu about your ancestors that have used their hands in order to soothe their thirst.


Mirela Mazurec

Mirela Mazurec



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Voicu Mazurec

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Cora Mazurec

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