din 2012

Personalized paper cups are usually seen as a simple method to promote your business, without any visible impact upon it.

Moreover, personalized paper cups have a greater visual impact and create a special bond between the client and the product itself.

In this article we present you 4 main reasons of why you should personalize your paper cups!

 ? Free promotion – personalized paper cups in people’s hands allow other people on the street to associate the drink with your brand. Think about how many places your client can reach with your product! How about 10 clients? The best way of advertising is through recommendation, and your client holding the personalized cup may be the best recommendation ever!

 ? Because of personalization, your brand may become memorable and imprinted in their mind. Personalized paper cups can be easily used in brand awareness and brand activation.

 ? Tell your story through personalized paper cups. You may play with visual elements, with the cup’s material and with the printed text on it! Make it memorable and offer your client an experience that will remind him of you! The packaging is the first thing that your client sees and touches. A high quality packaging will suggest a strong trust and a good investment in your products.

 ?The personalized paper cups differentiates you from your competition! In such a big market, it is truly important to make yourself known and remarkable. Some businesses want to associate themselves with a specific color, or choose a special paper cup texture, different from the usual one. In this sense, our embossed paper cups are the best fit!

Invest in your own business!